Tilted Timbers: A Cozy A-frame by Mt. Rainier

With fall, we found ourselves itching to go to Mount Rainier to recharge for the weekend, and there’s no better place than Tilted Timbers, a cozy new A-frame in Ashford. Located six miles from the Nisqually entrance, Tilted Timbers is one of the closest cabins to Mount Rainier. The Nisqually entrance is the most convenient since it’s the only entrance open year-round to vehicles, and about two hours from Seattle.

Having lived in New England, we have a soft spot for cabins during autumn and this one checks all the boxes. Fun A-Frame design? Check. Fall foliage? Check. Jacuzzi? Check. Indoor wooden stove? Check. Cool “tree house”? Check. Outdoor firepit and BBQ grill? Check and check!

Our Stay

During our visit, we made a hearty breakfast and then headed out to the national forest to complete hikes such as the Skyline Loop trail, Myrtle Falls, Carter Falls, and stopped by Reflection Lake. While Mt. Rainier is famous for the wildflowers, the fall foliage might be even more stunning, and the best spot for fall colors is Paradise. Early October is the perfect time to visit as the weather is still nice, and we recommend getting there early or staying late to beat the crowds.

At the end of the day, we relaxed in the hot tub to melt away all aches and stress. The cherry on top was making s’mores in the indoor wooden stove. Logs and starters were provided and we quickly were able to build a fire. 

All in all, Tilted Timber ranks as one of our favorite cabins. Its proximity to Mount Rainier and amenities make visiting the national park convenient and easy. While pets are not allowed, children are considered with the caveat there is a wood stove and open loft. There are a few dining options around Ashford (around three small diners or inns with restaurants), but we recommend bringing and cooking your own food with their full kitchen or BBQ grill. If you are looking to get away to the mountains and recharge at a cabin that’s all to yourself, you will be hard-pressed to find better. 

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Tilted Timbers

We had the pleasure of interviewing the owners, Alice and Mike, who gave us a little background on their charming A-frame.

Tilted Timbers is such a great name! How did you come up with it? 

We were spending time on a geometric nature theme (i.e. GeomeTree) and at some point returned to our love for alliteration.

How did you decide to start Tilted Timbers and tell us about the process of getting your cabin set up?

Alice and I strongly felt that a mountain home would be the perfect complement to what we have in Portland. We searched corridors as far south as Bend, OR and as far north as Ashford. The allure of Rainier has always been there for us and once we realized we could be right next door to the mountain we jumped at the chance. As a second home, Tilted Timbers was both love-at-first-sight and a place we’ve had a lot of affection for since it became ours.

What are your favorite things to do around Tilted Timbers? 

We’re still new and learning about all there is in the area. The nearby elk herd is a joy for the kids to watch. We’ve done a few trails leading up to Paradise and they’ve all been splendid.

What’s your favorite story about Tilted Timbers?

One special time that captures our hearts was in the spring. While the pandemic continues and our city life can have its constraints, we had a weekend at the cabin. On a Saturday night, the weather was perfect and we had just finished dinner near the campfire we had going. Our kids were freely roaming the property. There weren’t any worries about traffic or having to wear masks. The two of them continued to explore and to play together far away from us. You could hear their laughter and tone and it sounded like they were thriving. It was at that point I (Mike) knew we made a wonderful decision for our family.

What do you want your guests to know about Tilted Timbers?

Tilted Timbers exists to give friends and families a relaxing, memorable time together. We take that fun seriously in the sense that we love learning how others enjoy the space and that we’ve benefitted from those activities and ideas.

With its proximity to Mt. Rainier and all the aforementioned amenities, we can attest memories will easily be made.

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