About Us

Welcome to my passion project. While many travel blogs feature full time travelers or digital nomads/remote jobs, this shows our adventures as “normal people” with more than a full time schedule. A life in medicine is not easy to plan around, but we make adventures, big and small, a part of our life.

Natalie + Nike

↟  NATALIE: I love to explore, eat, and take photographs! This website is where I chronicle my travels and share my photography while being a physician, hence the name “adventures on call” (and yes, doctors still do carry pagers).

↟ NIKE: A sheltie mix (or “freckled fox”) and the perfect travel companion. I got her as a puppy during my Internal Medicine residency and lucked out that she’s the world’s most easygoing dog. She’s cool whether I’m working 80 hours/week or want to hike 10 miles in one day.

Hello There!

↟  I’m a hematology-oncology physician and I treat cancer patients. In addition to my medical background, I also have an art degree. I love medicine, which will always be my career.

↟  I have a wonderful husband and two young daughters in addition to Nike (the “original baby”). We have a very “normal” life, with regular in-person jobs, renting a house, and juggling family, parenting, and career obligations.

↟  I’ve lived all over the USA due to my medical training, but currently we are based in Seattle, Washington.

↟  When I’m not treating cancer patients in the hospital, I love hiking mountains, baking for my foodblog, photographing, or traveling (often with Nike).

get to know me


Costa Rica, Kauai, Isle of Skye Scotland, Santorini, Acadia (too many to list honestly)

favorite Food

I can live off ice cream

worst habit

Going to bed way too late


Scoring secondhand finds at facebook marketplace

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

Travel, always

Drink order

Oolong milk tea boba or chai latte


Exploring somewhere new


Mountains (but I won’t say no to beach)

What do you collect

Christmas ornaments from every place I visit


Heme-onc board review (passed!)