Sunflower Days with Maris Farm

The changing of the season is upon us and with the last burst of summer this weekend we decided to head to the nearest dog friendly Sunflower Festival: Maris Farms. We went to the farm for sunflowers for last year and had such a memorable experience we decided to come back.

We met with one of the owners, Joanne, during our visit.  This family farm was started 20 years ago by her and her brother growing pumpkins. Maris Farms has grown tremendously since. The farm is open all year and has festivals in three of the four seasons: tulips/baby animals in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, and pumpkins/corn mazes/Haunted Houses in the fall. Each festival is quite the production with there being plenty of food (excellent BBQ and Pizza) and activities for the family to enjoy.  

Sunflower Days just started last year in 2020, and they have doubled the number of sunflowers this year. The admission ticket allows you to pick your own sunflower and walking around the fields of 12 varieties of sunflowers to find “the one” is half the fun. The other half? Taking instagram worthy pictures against the backdrop of Mt. Rainer or their many props, with Maris Farm signs and their iconic blue truck.

Dogs are free and welcome (“We love dogs. They’re part of the family after all” – Joanne). There’s a check-in at the entrance, and can walk the fields on leash. Don’t forget to pick up after your dog. Photos of pups and sunflowers encouraged!

The full activities are Saturday / Sunday, but for a less busy time (and great photos), come at sunset or on Fridays. We always have a lovely time visiting the farm and for those in the area looking for an afternoon of fun, be sure to stop by.

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